Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lost boys club at Auckland art & craft fair

Photos by Amanda Thomas

Normally I'm the one taking photos of the different tables at the Auckland Art & Craft fair and getting lost amongst all the handmade talent. Surprisingly enough this time around I was behind a table of my own, debuting The Lost Boys Club alongside a few good friends. Unfortunately I didn't find myself much time to wonder far from my table. However a good friend of mine did manage to take enough photos for the both of us, including my table.



  1. Everytime I visit Auckland I put this as no.1 thing to do! I love all the pictures you have shared. 'The Lost Boys Club BW print is a classic. Love your work

  2. Beautiful! I love fairs like this, in fact I stumbled onto one by pure chance yesterday:)
    Your table looks wonderful<3


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