Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday Instax

Trips up to Auckland are now becoming more frequent, and I imagine this will only increase with good friends of mine Amanda and Jeremy making the move next month. Yesterday I caught up with Jessica from Foxes, she was able to introduce me to plenty of new Aucklanders and shared with me some of her favourite places (Along with a couple of shops that were on my to-do list).

Instagram photos via Foxes

We stopped off at Sal's for some authentic New York styled pizza and garlic knots. Biggest slice of pizza to date, I only needed one! Afterwards it was a visit to St. Kevins Arcade to try the coffee at Alleluya with the Auckland Sky Tower as a backdrop.

Before travelling back home I had to visit Arcade on Cross Street. I had never been in their store before, but had heard plenty about them. Even got to see Askew One AKA Elliot, painting a new winter window display. Every time I'm up in Auckland I also have to visit the boys at I Love Ugly. They're a rad bunch.


  1. I love Sal's pizza! Hope there's plenty more Auckland adventures to come :) My favourite Indian restaurant is on Kroad called Satya, yum!


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