Monday, January 9, 2012

Das monk spring/summer collection

I don't know what it is about collaborations. There is something brilliant that happens when artists come together with clothing labels. This has always been a dream of mine that I could one day collaborate in a similar way.

Das Monk is a clothing label based in Sydney, Australia. Collaborating classic t-shirt designs with emerging artists to create unique pieces. Not only does Das Monk inspire me to pursue this dream of my own, but they also make me want every item in their collection.

Also it's a new year so I thought it was time for a new banner and imagery. Enjoy : )


  1. These are so awesome :) You could totally be a part of a project like this :)

    Love the new blog :)

  2. this is stunning. Blue skies and balloons are two of my favourite things, let alone excellent t shirts. Just grand. xx tess

  3. This is a stunning shoot,the sky the baloons all create effortless flight. The nautical tee rocks!


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