Monday, October 3, 2011

Bell & Belle bow ties

I've seen Bell & Belle bow ties floating around a few blogs and thought I'd also share these creations by Bev and Adam of Hello in there.

Each tie is hand made with only a small number of each pattern and design produced. This is reassuring to know, it's never fun to come face to face with another bloke wearing your bling.

Nab a tie here.


  1. I love bow ties! :D All of those are awesome :)

  2. I love these! I know they're for men, but I really want one!
    I was just catching up with some of your posts that I missed recently, and I have to say you have such a lovely little family :)

  3. These ties are so pretty! They brighten up every shirt :) I just stumbled acroos your blog and I just love it here :) the posts, the design, your writing! It's all right. x


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