Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I'm wearing this Summer

Open vintage shirts with rolled up sleeves to feel the dry summer air. Bright tee's and above the knee shorts, perfect for warm sunset nights barbequing with friends with a cold beer. Rolling up your skinny jeans to wade through the incoming tide during endless walks along the beach and drawing in the sand. Casual accessories you can throw on before you walk down to the local dairy for an ice cream with nothing but the soles of your feet and a couple of dollars in your pocket.                    This will be my summer.

Shirts: Vintage
Pants: Levis stone wash skinnies
Shorts: Volcom, Levis and Volcom (Left to right respectively.)
Tee's: Threadless, American Apparel among others.
Jewelery: Personal collection of bracelets. Neverland big cat necklace, Jelly Bones panther necklace, Wooden Africa necklace(Which I brought back from Mozambique).

I'd love to see what everyone else has planned to wear this Summer (or Winter). Send me a link, so I can check it out.


  1. oh how i miss summer...it's fall over hear :P grandpa sweaters, skinny jeans and plaid shirts are pretty much the plan for me :)

  2. why oh why did you cut those beautiful yellow cord pants! haha at least they're good shorts now :)


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