Friday, September 2, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

1. Chiseled Nugget Necklace, By Neverland
2. Burgundy Corduroy Bow Tie, By Marcello Neckwear
3. La Sardina Camera & Flash – Fischers Fritze, By Lomography
4. Kodak Film Grab Bag, By Four Corner Store (Thanks Liss for letting me know about this)
5. Smith Journal, By Frankie
6. Socks, By Urban Outfitters
7. Starving in the belly of a whale print, By Devon Smith

Welcome to September my birth month. I always find it hard when people ask me what I want for my birthday and I actually don't know. I find I always want things throughout the year, just not around the time of my birthday?

I actually worked really hard to come up with the items above. The truth is that I'd actually quite like all the things here and convenient timing that it's also my birthday next week!

Fingers crossed ; )


  1. O! I've been obsessing over the La Sardina forever! and Urban Outfitters is by far my favorite store :D Nice wishlist!

  2. This is all so cute! I'd be happy with any of this as well x

  3. Great wishlist! Gives me some ideas for my boyfriends birthday! :)

  4. Looking forward to your birthday party next weekend!

  5. oooo it's my birth month too! I decided just to gift myself and I pre-ordered the smith journal. You should sign up on pinterest and archive everything you want throughout the year.

  6. Mines next week, I was thinking more a tattoo haha! Urban Outfitters is by far THE best shop ever! xx

  7. oh, I hadnt seen those grab bags of film, it looks amazing!


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