Friday, August 12, 2011

Time to buy new frames

I've been in denial for a while that I could get away not having to wear glasses. Unfortunately after years of not wearing my other glasses or my contact lens, it was time to accept that I needed to get some new frames. So this morning I had a my optometrist appointment and a look through some frames. I had my eye on a couple of chunky Ray Bans to match my sunglasses, but after trying on a selection of my ten favourites, I decided on a pair of Burberrys.

I had in mind a pair of Ray Bans like David Guison is wearing in his photos above from him lookbook. But am quite happy with my choice and will have to share them with you all once I get them back! Exciting.

I also have a full night out tonight with work drinks once everyone knocks off, followed by going-away drinks at another bar for Soné and her husband Mike. I hope I can fit a meal somewhere in there also...


  1. i have a pair of ray bands, i love them.


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