Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Milk loves biscuits

1, 2, 3, 4.

I'm currently on a two week study recess where you'd think I'd have more time to blog. Unfortunately it seems to be the opposite. I have more hours at work and I've started using my evening to actually continue doing things for work. Perfect employee! Just wait until I finish my studies : )

I'm not working Friday afternoon so expect amazing things. My wife is expecting me to do a birthday wish-list post to inspire her for next month. To be honest I actually would like so many different things, I just can't seem to pinpoint a single item. Dilemma?


  1. I thought the same thing when I started school and ended theatre summer...but school quickly took over leaving me hardly any time to blog but luckily I've managed :)

  2. I really, really love these photographs. They are fantastic! As for the list, that's got to be the fun kind of homework, right?

  3. Wow, these photos are gorgeous. I love how all four are different yet complement each other so well. The third one is my favorite.


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