Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tee's and Totes

It's a personal favourite of mine when I see illustrators and designers branching out and printing their amazing work on different materials and products. I spotted a little while back that Hunter Gatherer did this with some of their neat prints and illustrations.
Well known for there bows, cards, installations and jewelery, it becomes very tempting to also want to own one of these items above printed with their illustrations!

The French Friends Postcards are their newer set of designs, so it good to keep it fresh and nab some of them over at their Etsy store also : )


  1. I am seriously loving the prints. Want one of those shirts. ♥

  2. Those shirts, oh goodness, those shirts.

  3. His mo is actually so incredible. Love these two so much.

  4. I have previously seen the tote bags but the t-shirts are something else.


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