Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A small break

1, 2, 3, 4.

I thought being back at work would have given me more free time, but it seems to have done the opposite. I've filled in the time working on extra design tid-bits and little things around the house most of the week.

Unfortunately I don't really have to much to talk about this post, but I thought I'd still share some photos of inspiration and hope everyone has reached mid-week with a smile.

Also I've finally moved to instagram to share instant snaps. If you have an account let me know your username, mine is tornadoesandtigers if you want to follow : )


  1. Phenomenal photography - I adore them all <3

  2. can't tell how much i love this dear photo.

  3. i think that you would quite live where i do then because we have deer wandering through our streets and parks quite often (but i really don't live in the middle of's pretty suburbia...y) :)

  4. Following now! I'm lordknowsilovetodance.

    Love the blog. I found you via Pretty Zoo's list of NZ bloggers.


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