Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest Post : Murphy Bouma

Hey everyone! My name is Murphy and I run a little blog called Girl holding a paintbrush. I have been a follower of Dane's blog since the beginning and it's been amazing to see him on here and be jealous at all the great things he finds and shares. So to do a guest post on here is a great feeling that I thank Dane so much for the opportunity :)

Anyway as I love art and also love to blog about art itself I thought I would share a post on a Australian artist that I think you guys will love. May I introduce to you Tanya Chaitow, a Australian contemporary artist who works with acrylics. Tanya creates these whimsical and poetic works featuring some quirky characters. When looking at her work I feel like a young kid again being told a story where it's set in this uncertain, mischievous fantasy world filled with part human and part animal characters. I also love how simplistic they are with this very light colour pallette and the characters as if a child has painted these.

Thanks again Dane for having me here and to you guys as well :)

Murphy xo
Girl holding a paintbrush

Images courtesy of Stella Downer Fine Art


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