Monday, June 20, 2011

Two more weeks

1, 2, 3, 4.

Two more week until the end of my teaching practicum, then after that I think I may have a one week holiday until I start back in to a fresh semester two. I also had my visiting lecturer come in last Friday and observe and evaluate my teaching. Everything she said was super positive : )

Hope everyone had a good weekend. What did everyone do?


  1. Beautiful pictures. I'm in love with number three.
    (My weekend was spent studying for my exams by the way. These aren't the best days...)

  2. All the best for your last two weeks! My weekend involved watching The Green Lantern at the movies (CRAAAAAAP), Friends with Benefits on dvd (average) and Tangled (amazing!!).

  3. love that first photo of the deer head. I have always wanted one to hang in my own home one day.

    My weekend consisted of shopping with my mum and making yummie scones :)

  4. Worked and slept. My weekends are lacking lately! Hope you have a great two weeks! :)

  5. devon smith's artworks arrived safely this morning, they're so pretty, thank you so much!! good luck with all your teaching practicum!!

  6. Gosh I adore every single one of these photos! Good luck with the rest of your teaching prac. My weekend was aweomse went for a drive in the mountains. Took photos. Had breakfast with lilly piri and went to the book sale. Best weekend. And new frankie arrived in the mail yesterday. Hurrah!!! Hapoy days


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