Friday, June 3, 2011

Stolen Girlfriends Club Winter 2011 Lookbook

Winter has showen it's sunny side throughout the day. But the late afternoon and evenings have suddenly found its chill. Time to put on some more layers, flick the heater on, find your feather underlay and make friends with your hot water bottle again.

The new Winter Lookbook from Stolen Girlfriends Club definitely ticks the 'add some more and/or new layers' box.

Also, It's your last chance to enter my giveaway featuring illustrations by Devon Smith here. Winner drawn this evening!


  1. SGC intimidates me a little haha. I have this image in my head that you have to be this cool guy who smokes, swears like a sailor and knows all the "right" people to wear it. BUT I'd love to see that tan coat on my husband :)

  2. They always do such wonderful stuff! (Though I'd definitely need to do some saving before purchasing!)



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