Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Orange, yellow and brown

By now you must have realised New Zealand has just seen autumn through and today is officially the first day of winter. On the weekend the air was cool and the sun was setting. But my wife and I, along with our beautiful daughter James, decided to go for an autumn walk along the river. It was nice, despite all the possible drug addicts and hobos we met along the way. Haha.

Hope you enjoyed the photos : )
Also Tornadoes and Tigers now has a Facebook page!


  1. These photos are lovely :) And I'm a little jealous of your cool weather - its already in the 90s here. Apparently the weather decided to skip spring. Boo.

    turn that frown upside down

  2. It is crazy it's not Winter already! I was convinced it was as I have to keep defrosting my car before uni! Haha! Gorgeous photographs, you have captured the end of Autumn so well!


  3. That photo of the bridge makes Hamilton look so epically beautiful. Might just have to share it on facebook :)

  4. sweet pictures! rach and james are looking beautiful!!!!!!!


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