Friday, June 17, 2011

La Sardina

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Meet El Capitan, Fischer’s Fritze, Seapride and Marathon, the first four colourful clones of the brand new La Sardina camera. Inspired by a simple can of Sardines, Lomography have created a camera that cherishes the fashion, design and style of maritime dreams while taking beautiful wide angle pictures on 35mm film. Get a taste of La Sardina and La Sardina with Flash with its unique design and watch out for all the clones that are still waiting to make their way from the delicious La Sardina fish market straight into your camera collection.

As different as these four clones may be, they all have one thing in common - a crazy wide-angle plastic lens and the best ringflash of all time. El Capitan and Fisher’s Fritze are equipped with Fritz the Blitz, featuring yellow, red and blue filters, it will drench even your darkest pirate adventure in colorful light.

While its designs are flashy and stylish the technical features of La Sardina are humbly reduced to the basics to enable even the greenest greenhorns to make a first step into Lomography. La Sardina is a point and shoot camera, equipped with a plastic wide angle lens that enables pros and beginners to shoot beautiful Lomographs easily. No need for long explanations at your local lab, the processing is really easy due to the regular format of the shots. Its small size makes La Sardina fit in every pocket to accompany you on all your Lomographic journeys. Say hello to your new favourite camera!


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