Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Morning Designs

Hi everyone, It's Liss here filling in for Dane while he is away. I thought I'd share with you all one of my favourite discoveries at Finders Keepers Markets in Melbourne, Sunday Morning Designs.
Started back in 2007 Sunday Morning Designs is a collaboration between Melbourne artists Lichen Kemp & Jitske Wiersma featuring gorgeous detailed illustrations on pillowcases, stationery, clothing and other products.

All the products are printed by hand out of Melbourne with most of the illustrations being the work of artist Dylan Martorell. I love the pillowcase set with the owls! and the tree house doona cover is adorable!

x Daydream Lily


  1. The rhino is so pretty! I love it that is is in red as well!


  2. These are gorgeous. They look so simple at first but then you see all the intricate details.

  3. I'd like one of all of these please!

  4. I wouldn't mind spending a lazy Sunday morning wrapped up in these designs.

  5. i love elephants i`m on the hunt for an elephant teapot

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