Sunday, May 1, 2011

First of May

To welcome May, I thought I'd share a few friendly illustration by Daniela Henríquez's.
I've been enjoying her colourful and free-flowing style. Just makes me happy.

The first of the month also reminds me that my study break is over, and I am now back into it for another busy four weeks. But on another exciting note, it also reminds me that I jump of a plane and head South to Dunedin next week after Mothers Day weekend.

Before you leave, I created a LomoHome account through Lomography and have uploaded a new album featuring photos I took over Easter weekend.

Take care : )


  1. I adore her illustrations, always such a source of inspiration.

  2. Loving the deer-bunting combo. I am desperate to get a deer head tattoo on my back!

  3. i love this artist! beautiful lines and colour.

    i just found your blog through Polli, i always love finding a new one to follow x x x



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