Monday, April 18, 2011

Much Love Monday #3

Photos by herecomesthesunblog.

I'm currently loving holidays.

This week will be a great week. I have Wednesday off and Friday is a holiday, along with Monday following. Giving us all a four day long Easter holiday here in New Zealand.
Can not wait!
Making the most of the four days my wife and I are packing up and heading over to the beach with Amanda (Who also took the photos above) and her husband for some relaxing times at the batch.

Full of adventures and fun, what does everyone else have planned for their Easter Weekend?

Join in next Monday?


  1. We also have this coming Friday off and then we've been given the following week free as well. Enjoy your getaway!

  2. You will have really great week !
    I hope my Monday will start as well as yours.

    herecomesthesun has great photos :)

  3. i love that first photo! i'm so jealous you get time off for easter, we don't even get to leave early one day!

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