Monday, April 11, 2011

Domain name giveaway - Closed

Does anyone else feel like they get itchy feet and need a change every now and then. I sometimes feel like this and end up moving house, but in this case Tornadoes and Tigers has just had a little shift around and a refresh.

As a little celebration and to say thank you to my followers, I would like to offer a little giveaway.


> Up for grabs: 1 personal domain name (Eg. for your current blogspot blog (Eg., registered for one year.

> Who can enter: To say thank you to my followers, this competition is only open to them. However I'm always excited about new followers, so it's not to late : )

> How to enter: Simply leave a comment with the domain name you'd like to win (I would assume it would be the current name of your blog?), your email address and a short reason why you think your blog would love and benefit from having its own domain name!

> Drawn: Monday 25th April, 2011 - Closed

Hope you enjoy the new layout, and good luck friends.

The small print: Domain name is restricted to blogspot users only. A blogspot blog redirection from their current website (Eg. will be arranged in consultation with succesful winner. Domain name will be registered for one year from the date of purchase, and will be the responsibility of the successful winner to renew domain after I email them prior to domain expiration date.


  1. Awesome giveaway! :D

    Lately, I'm thinking to change the layout on my blog and also think to change the url too. I'd love to have my own domain >> <<

    It's quite long though, but it also a remind for everyone who come to my blog, not to stop to dream :)

    Thank you Dane!
    And I like your new layout! :)


  2. This is beyond amazing. Such a nice giveaway :)
    ok so my domain name would be -

    I am about to do a massive makeover to my blog. With a new layout, new banner, new everything. Also going to put a lot more effort into what I blog about. Really wanting to make my followers happy and interested to read. So by also getting a new domain name it would make this whole makeover fantastic and make me feel so happy with myself :)

    Thanks so much Dane, congrats on having such a successful blog so far.

    murphy bouma

  3. what an amazing giveaway! it's like something to die for. :) i would like to make my domain, just like my blogspot because it's easier to remember. i used to have one domain i was a blogger since 2003 then i stopped blogging in 2010 for some privacy concern. but now with this new domain i *might* going to have, it's gonna be a good start for me in the blogosphere.

    i cannot wait any longer!

  4. Ah! How timely...I've been trying to get up the courage to start blogging. I did the first step and reserved my blogspot :) the domain would be

  5. i feel that by getting, it's a form of confidence and letting go of the blogging apron strings. your blog brand now has to stand alone and strong. it would be a whole new adventure and i cannot wait to embrace it!

  6. Yes please!

    Because I would like one very much :)

  7. Hi Dane!
    Wow - I can't afford to miss this amazing giveaway !Oh yah can't me in this is the best giveaway everrrrrr... :)

  8. Hi there! Would love to have the domain name ! I use the blog for updates about my clothing label but if I had a url it would make promoting the label a lot easier, and more professional!


  9. Kiaora Dane!

    I would absolutely love the domain name!
    I am currently a third year graphic design student and to have a domain name would be perfect for future clients and employers to look at my portfolio.
    Not only that but I would love to let my friends, family and generally anyone who is interested in my art to view my posts of my newest work as well as everything and anything that inspires me!

    Thanks for the opportunity, love your blog!!



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