Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweetpea and me

I introduce to you Sweetpea and me, a new blog my wife Rachel is putting together about her new life becoming a mummy.

For any other new mums out there, you may relate to the limited selection of pregnancy and breastfeeding fashion. Rachel hopes to be able to share her enjoyment of fashion that is practical and comfortable while still remaining to keep your own style.

She’ll share articles about her home, her beautiful little daughter James, and life.

Pulling these all together and discovering it as a sleep-deprived, full-time working teacher, wife, mother, lover of Jesus and other beautiful things.


  1. im excited for the new blog. it looks lovely, as do both your girls. love to your family, - shawnacy

  2. see, now this is the post i was looking for!
    i'm definitely going to follow your wife, i'm sure her blog is beautiful ... in fact, let me go see :) haha

    cutecute family, by the way


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