Friday, March 25, 2011

Photobooth Friday: Round three

Today's Photobooth theme is, 'Prints I've bought that I still haven't framed'.

First Photo: I recently received four little prints from Hunter Gatherer, a stag, a fox, an owl and a rabbit.
Second Photo: For valentines day I bought my wife a card from Bird in a bunny suit. It's a little bird wearing a bowtie. He will one day have his own little frame.
Third Photo: My wife bought the Polar bear, fox, badger and tiger prints for me from Ryan Berkley as a Christmas present. She was going to frame them before hand, but then popped out a baby. It's on the to-do list : )

Although I'm always on the look out for some new prints!

Edit: Wow, I just realised I'm so serious in these photos! I was concentrating so much on aligning my fisheye lens up with the photobooth camera... I promise a smile next time ; )


Thanks for you comments. I love hearing your feedback : )

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