Monday, March 7, 2011

Art by April

In celebration of Cat Day 2011, which has just recently passed, I thought I'd share this little illustration I found at Art by April, who is a design and art student from Brisbane, Australia.

I’m sure there’s a crazy cat lady in all of us, or perhaps you have a friend or two that may fall into this category. Not naming names, but I have a few friends who do ; )

Today was also Children’s Day 2011, and we spent the afternoon at the Hamilton Museum where there was free entry, Dr Seuss exhibits, readings, balloons and cotton candy. James was a little young to take it all in, but we had a great time. Here is a little photo of our outing.


  1. I think I'm signed in to the wrong account but HAH yes indeed i am a little crazy for cats :) haha.

    p.s James is a babe and way way cooler than any cat. haha.

  2. Naw shucks :D

    Every cat lover has their inner cat lady - I'm sure of it!


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