Thursday, March 17, 2011

Around the home

I thought I would get somewhat creative and take a small series of items around my house.

a) A wooden aeroplane I bought when I was in Mozambique along with a wooden doily coaster

b) Autumn brings fresh baby pumpkins along with a little metal bird that sits on top of our piano.

c) Alice’s adventures in Wonderland 1948, lying under neither two identical jars full of assorted buttons.

d) A friendly wooden clock and doily that greet visitors in our foyer along with a few sprigs of wild flowers.

I don’t own a Diana camera, but I do love analogue photography. So Friday night a group of friends and I will be hitching a ride up to Auckland to attend the opening night of the Diana World Tour.

Would it be wrong for me to take my Holga along to take pictures?


  1. These pictures are so beautiful. I love the whimsical quality of them. I don't even like pumpkins but that picture makes me crave them!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog :)


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