Tuesday, February 15, 2011

mrYen Sale

I keep returning to mrYen’s amazing store to constantly check up on any new papercuts that may have made their way from his shop, and into my house. ;)

Jonathan aka mrYen specialises in Stationery, paper goods and hand cut papercuts, designed and handmade across the world in England. All orders are made specifically to order, so if you’re after any original works get in touch with him. On the other hand, I’m constantly inspired to give papercuts a go, but I always realise I would never have the patients nor precision. I may just stick to appreciating mrYen’s fine work.

Currently mrYen is holding a 50% off sale in his Etsy store here. To get 50% off your entire order, simply use the code 502010 at checkout. Worth a look!

Also check out his personal store here to see what other treats you could grab!


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