Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's the time...

… time to buy some new things.

I’ve been itching to buy some new treats online lately, but am always very aware that I can’t hold something or try it on. I really need to get past this because I’m sure I’m missing out on so many amazing opportunities.

A never fail website is always Urban Outfitter, where last night it made me wish it was my birthday so I could make up a little wish list and give it to my wife haha!
Perhaps she may stumble across this post anyway. Fingers crossed.

Also, follow me on twitter! I’m omgdane. I’m also looking for some new people I can follow myself, so leave your username in the comments and I’ll check you out.


  1. That sweater is awesomazing! And the shoes too. Love it <3

  2. This site is gold Dane! I want to go buy all that furniture now!!!


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