Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inside: Here Comes The Sun

Meadowlark Prints: The Meadow Lark, Hunter Gatherer prints: Hunter Gatherer

Postcards "Tails" set: Courtney Brims, Cat salt & pepper shakers: Iko Iko

Mustache mugs: Modern Madness, Vintage tins: Foxy Brit Vintage

Here comes the sun
’s Amanda Thomas is an inspirational blogger here in New Zealand. Her amazing posts full of photography, vintage, handmade, fashion and art stream from her blog and captivates readers worldwide.
Amanda has kindly opened the doors of her home and let me in to share a snippet of her beautiful hide-away and a chance to ask a few small questions.

Hope you enjoy.

What would you describe your interior style as and where do you draw your inspiration?
I haven't stuck with one particular style, I just buy little things that catch my eye and hope that there's a way I can throw it all together at home. A lot of my favourite things are from op shops or etsy stores so I guess there's quite a mix of vintage/ grandma style. Blogging has definitely influenced my taste and I'm always getting ideas from things I see online and some of my favourite coffee table books have been great for inspiration too.

You have so many treats in your home, what are the items that mean the most to you?
I really love a vintage plate my husband gave me for my birthday with a pretty little Chaffinch on it. I also love all my Beatles memorabilia- I have an original poster from a show they played in the 60's as well as vintage books and records.

Do you have a favourite nook or cranny where you like to snuggle down and work on your blog?
I blog on my laptop so I actually really love making a cup of tea and getting cozy in bed and blogging from there.

To finish with I was going to ask why I never saw any photos of myself on your any of walls?
There actually is a framed picture of you and Jeremy and the boys from our wedding day but it's just not up at the moment, I need to find a spot for it again!


  1. Dane there aren't even enough photos of me!

  2. Sorry I kept telling you to move, next time my friend ;)

  3. Wow Dane this post in amazing! I love love love your photography!! This is so amazing, gosh I have such talented friends. I get super excited. It is actually really weird that I came across this post just now; because over the past few months I have had this desire to photograph inside old peoples houses.. lol bless

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