Monday, January 3, 2011

Cake with Giants


Hello there, my name is Emma from But Honestly and it is a great privilege to share with you all today!

I just love the blogs of the ever talented Amy Borrell. A good friend introduced me to her just yesterday when I was oogling over the Frankie Diary 2011, which she illustrated. Her personal blogs Cake with Giants and All the Mountains are little treasure troves of visual goodness while We Make Words is a creative project between two friends. Clever cookies...

How did this year fly by so quickly?! To be honest, I love this time of year best! A brand new year awaits full of lovely things to look forward to all over again! and who doesn't love making a list of new goals and aspirations? even if we don't necessarily tick as many as we would like off that list.....

Dane's list of goodies for 2011 look inspiring - maybe I can steal a few items off his list to add to mine!

Happy New Years to all!

Emma x
But Honestly


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