Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011


Well friends, today is officially the 1st of January 2011 here in New Zealand. It's crazy to think that we are the first country to see the light, but also the first to see the New Year in.

Last night was an amazing night to greet the New Year. The sun didn’t go down until 9pm and the cold drinks and meat cooking on the barbeque seemed endless. Celebrating with my wife and plenty of other great friends including a few you may know; Amanda from Here Comes The Sun, Ilana from See Me Everywhere and Emma from But Honestly.

2011 is full of promise so here is my personal 15 Must Do’s for the New Year:

• Buy a new camera and take more photos
• Finish my Graduate Diploma
• Take up a new hobby and sew a plushie
• Get back into illustration
• Go horse riding with my wife
• Gain 100 blog followers
• Travel overseas
• Holiday in a cabin in the bush
• Buy a lawn mower!
• Pay for someone's groceries and petrol
• Visit a space observatory
• Plant a garden and a tree
• Get to know other bloggers and collaborate with them
• Buy a new lounge suite and television
• And last, be an amazing husband and father

Hope everyone had a great start to the New Year and check back shortly for a guest post from the amazing Emma.

Take care.


  1. Some great goals there, hope you achieve them and you have a good 2011 :) Also, some lovely photos, thanks for sharing them x

  2. "pay for someone's groceries and petrol" arn't you nice!!

    thats a great list. Happy new year!

  3. Already have a follower of your blog, you need only 64! :)
    Incidentally a very nice blog, I don't speak English very well, but I will go through and I comment as you can.
    A hug!

  4. i love your list! this new year feels great!
    happy new year!

  5. Well, you can add me to the followers list! Just discovered your blog today, really enjoying reading it! :)


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