Friday, December 3, 2010

Nearly now..

Maria Grossmann

The weekend already, this week has gone far to fast. I love my Job. We’ve been decorating the classrooms with the children and teaching them the true meaning of Christmas.

Our own Christmas tree will be going up here at home tomorrow along with a full day of Christmas shopping. With a larger family gathering this year everyone seems to be buying each other gifts. So budget is made and we plan to condense the outing into one day before our baby arrives!

Hope everyone else’s week was just as amazing.


  1. loving the decorations :)

    Eeee god been snowed in for the past week!! So much snow and its bloody -11 outside!! Feels very christmasy though :)

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    i have a fashion blog too but don't know if you'll be interested but anyways here it is aha


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