Monday, November 29, 2010

Plush for thought

By Saracarr

By Gush4plush

By Sleepyking

By Bumblebird

I’ve heard from a few people that this years Christmas will be gift giving of the crafty type. I’d like to think I’d be creative enough to make family and friends Christmas presents, but I always run out of hours.

There are plenty of great ideas online if you don’t manage to find the time. The only thing I have to get my head around is the currency conversion.

Having a lot of fun though. Perhaps I could add these soft additions above to my Christmas wish list? Especially the black cat, which looks like my cat.


  1. Hey Dane! It's Ashley ( Your blogger doesn't let me comment with my name and url.. weird cause other blogger sites do.

    Anyway, I love the crafty idea for Christmas gifts, I feel like those are more personal than a bought gift.

  2. You totally have to make those for James!!!! :) Do it, do it, do it!


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