Saturday, November 20, 2010

Number 1

Hello, my name is Dane.
I’m 24 from New Zealand and have been married to my beautiful wife Rachel for nearly two years. I have a baby girl on the way and love life with everyone and everything in it.

I spent 4 years gaining my degree in graphic design, only to take a career turn and become an early childhood teacher. Here I can combine my passion for design and create beautiful learning environments for our young ones.
Here at Torndoes and Tigers I plan on having a place of my own to share things that keep me going.

Get to know me.
3 things I like: Trees, Fireworks and great friends.
3 things I don’t like: Tangled cords, seafood and wearing shoes.
3 things I’ve done: Missionary in Africa, met Jesus and married the love of my life.
3 things I’d like to do: Have a big family, travel the world eating and buy some chickens!


  1. mmmm seafood oh nom nom nom muscles and squid rings and baby octopus and salmon and tuna and calamari and fresh fish nom nom nom

  2. LOVE the picture Dane !! Fireworks are the best, but so is seafood im sorry, you're surely missing out ! (:

  3. Such a lovely first post :)
    I have found your blog through Amanda's and am so glad!

    Fantastique Mémoires from the Outer Space

    Ps.: I want to get chickens for myself as well ;)

  4. Loving your blog :) keep up the great work, I'll definitely be a regular visitor x


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